Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Journey

Welcome to this dramatic field of existence called, British Literature--the backdrop of which is a land once known as Britannia, a faraway country discovered and conquered by invaders from persent-day Ireland, italy, Germany, France, and Scandinavia. It is a land, green and gentle, that is rich in culture and history, a history that sets us on the road, a journey of exploration that will have us map the human experience as written about through the ancient ages in poetry, song, drama, and of course the novel.

It is an epic story of sorts, and you are the protagonists, the heroes engaging the authors and their works in a dialogue for truth, beauty, and for mystery. Be prepared to enter into and discover eternity through the literature of England, spanning a vast timeline from the Old English and Medieval Periods, through the Renaissance and Enlightenment, the Romatnic and Victorian periods, and on to the present-day stuff of the Modern and post-Modern world.

It will be good, my fellow wanderers, but only so long as you choose to enter this arena willingly and with the intention to LIVE!

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