Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jekyll/Hyde: From Prose to Poetry

Alright my Brothers,

It is time to flex your creative muscles and commit to some verse.

Pick a format: hip-hop, slam, stream of consciousness, free verse, blank verse, rhyme, or no rhyme scheme (if you don't know what the different poetic styles are, then look them up).

Then write an at least 14-line poem in which you incorporate at least 10 vocabulary words in context (that is, using their intended meanings) with a theme from the novel as we discussed (or perhaps did not discuss) in class.

Your heading format is as follows:

Your Name
Teacher's Name
Date Due
Title of Poem

Play around with the idea of the theme, but do not be explicit as to what the theme actually is with which you are dealing in the poem. Let the reader guess.

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