Monday, October 27, 2008

The Quest for the Green Knight

Ok bros,

It’s that time again.

What’s the theme gonna be? Chauvinism, Lust, Courtly Love, Chivalry, Heroism, Courage, Bravery, Humanity, Imperfection, Christianity? You tell me…in five paragraphs or more to get that high score.

You may use help from another source, just be sure to cite it appropriately—whether by paraphrase or direct quotation--with the author’s last name and page number in parentheses, followed by the period.

Be sure to make reference to specific parts of the plot to back up your main points regarding the theme of your choice. Be sure to incorporate at least three examples taken directly from the story.

You should underline Sir Gawain and the Green Knight when referring to it as a title.

Word up. Questions? As ‘em. If need be, you may take this home and give it to me tomorrow.

God love you as you journey through the dark forest en route to that Green Chapel.

Lord Peach

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