Monday, December 15, 2008

Translating Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice

You all seemed to do pretty well in the earlier translation exercises. Have a go at it again, and pay attention to how this activity is suited to help you understand the underlying themes and morals that come across in character speech.

Please translate three of the following lines from the first two scenes in Act III.

due Thursday, December 18, 2008 by class-time on blog!

Be sure to indicate your name and partner's name in the properly formatted heading of your submission. Please indicate which scene you choose and character names as well.

Lord Chamberlain's Man.

III.i.52-72 (Shylock's dialogue that begins, "To bait fish withal")

III.ii.1-24 (Portia's opening dialogue)

III.ii.42-74 (Portia's dialogue that begins, "Away then. I am locked in one of them...")

III.ii.75-110 (Bassanio's dialogue that begins, "So may the outward shows bet least themselves;")

III.ii.118-152 (Bassanio's dialogue that begins, "What find I here?")

III.ii.153-178 (Portia's dialogue the begins, "You see me, Lord Bassanio, where I stand...")

III.ii.261-282 (Bassanio's dialogue that begins, "O sweet Portia, / Here are a few of the...")


matthew said...

Matthew Clair/ Brett Pippens
(matts half)
Bro Peach
Brit Lit


To use as bait for fish; if it does not satisfy anything else
It will satisfy my revenge. He has disrespected me,
And kept me from making half a million, laughed at my losses,
Mocked my profit and my nation, prevented
My deals, made me lose friends, stirred up my enemies,
-why did he do this? Because I am a Jew. Doesn’t
A Jew have eyes? Doesn’t have hands,
Organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Eat
The same food, can be hurt with the same weapons,
Can catch the same diseases, be healed the same,
Feel the same temperatures as the seasons
Change like Christians? If we are cut
Don’t we bleed? If we are tickled, do
We not get the same sensation to laugh? Do we not
Die if we are poisoned? And if we are offended,
Can we not seek revenge? If everything else
Is the same as you, why not that? If a Jew
Offends a Christian, the Christian gets revenge.
Revenge! What is a Jew’s forbearance then?
Why Revenge?
The crime you do will be intimidated, but with
With any luck I will do better than my teacher.


I beg you to wait a few days,
Before you venture to choose among the chests
Because if you are wrong
I can’t be with you anymore, so stall a little while
I have a feeling (but it is not love)
That I wish not to lose you, you know as well
That hate does not occur in that manner.
But if you do not understand me,
(perhaps a maiden should not put her thoughts into words)
I would keep you here for a month of two,
Before you chose. I could help you
Choose right, but then I perjure myself.
That I will never be. Thus may you miss me.
I would then wish I would lie to myself.
Don’t believe your eyes
That have judged me.
Half of me is yours, and half of you is mine,
But what is yours is mine is yours,
So it is all yours.
These days, owners are separated from their rights!
Even that which is yours, isn’t yours.
Use skill, not fortune.
I am speaking for so long just to save time.
To draw it out, and stall you from choosing

bpipps06 said...

Brett Pippens/ Matthew Clair
(brett's half)
Bro. Peach
Brit Lit.

III. i261-282

o sweet Portia, here are a few unpleasant words that were ever written. Gentle lady, when did I first tell you that I loved you? I told you about all the money in my posession that ran through my veins. I was a gentleman, and I have not lied to you. Evaluating myself at nothing you shall see that I was not bragging. When I told you my fortune was nothing, at that moment I should have told you I was worse than nothing: for indeed I have engaged myself to a dear friend and engaged my friend to his enemy. to feed my intentions. Here is a letter sweet lady, the paper is the body of my friend, and every word in it a gaping wound issuing life blood. Is it true Salerio? Has all oyur adventures failed? Not one suceeded. From Tripolis, from Mexico and England, and from Libson, Barbary, and India and not one vessel escaped the dreadful touch of merchant marrying rocks?

Joe R. said...

Joe Rabel
December 17, 2008
Brit. Lit.
Bro Peach
Act 2 Translation
Act 2 scene 1 lines 52-72
I’ll use it for fish bait. You can’t eat human flesh but it will at least serve as a reminder for my revenge. He’s insulted me and lost me a lot of money. He’s laughed at my losses, made fun of my earnings, humiliated my race, thwarted my deals, and turned my friends against me and why you ask? Because, I’m a Jew. Doesn’t a Jew have eyes, organs, a human shape, five senses, human emotions, eat the same food, get hurt with the same weapons, get sick with the same diseases, get healed with the same medicine, and warm up in the summer and get cold in the winter just like a Christian? If a Jew offends a Christian what will his reaction be? Revenge. Likewise, if a Christian offends a Jew what punishment will he come up with if he follows the Christian’s reactions? Revenge! I’ll treat you just as bad as you taught me, if not worse.
Act 2 scene 2 lines 1-24
Please wait a day or two before making your choice. If you choose wrong, I’ll lose your company. So wait a while. Something tells me- not love, but something- that I don’t want to lose you, and you know that if I hated you I wouldn’t think that. But let me put it more clearly in case you don’t understand, thought I know girls aren’t supposed to express their thoughts, I’m just saying I’d like you to stay here for a month or two before you undergo the test for me. I could tell you how to choose but I’d be ignoring my father’s rules, so I won’t tell. But if you make the wrong choice you will loose me. If you do fail then you’ll make me wish for something very bad. I would wish I had ignored my father’s rules and tell you. God your eyes have bewitched me. They divide me two. One half is already yours, the other half which is mine, already belongs to you. If its mine then it’s yours but in this day of age people don’t even have a right to their own property! I know I keep talking and talking but I only do this to postpone your test.
Act 2 scene 2 lines 118-152
What do we have here? A picture of beautiful Portia! What artist captured her beauty so well? Are these eyes moving? Or do they just seem to move as my eyes move? Her sweet breath forces her lips open, a lovely divider of lovely lips. And look at her hair, looking like a golden mesh to trap the hearts of men, like little flies in a cobweb. The painter was like a spider in creating it so carefully. But her eyes how could he keep looking at them long enough to paint them? I would have guessed that after painting the one eye it would have enraptured him and kept him from painting the other. But this is only a picture the real beauty lies within the real woman herself. The scroll reads “You who don’t judge by looks alone, have better luck, and make the right choice. Since the prize is yours, be happy with it, and don’t look for a new one. If you’re happy with what you’ve won and accept this prize as your blissful destiny, then turn to where your lady is, and claim her with a loving kiss.” Wow, I’m so surprised that I just won, it’s like this is all just a contest. I’m not sure if I actually won; please tell me that you are mine.

bp said...

Branford Phillips
Bro. Peach
Brit. Lit
Shylock: I’m using it as bait so that I can have my revenge. He’s disgraced me, cost me a chance at a half a million, laughed at my loss and mocked my gains, hates my people and prevented my deals. Why? Because I am Jewish. Don’t Jews have eyes? Don’t Jews have hands, organs, senses, dimensions, and emotions? We eat the same food, we’re hurt by the same weapons, have the same diseases, get better by the same medicine, we get hot in the summer and cold in the winter, just like a Christian. If you prick me, don’t I start to bleed? If you tickle me, don’t I start to laugh? If you poison me, won’t I die? And if you wrong me, won’t I want revenge? If we are alike, then we’ll do the same things you do. If a Jew wrongs a Christian, that Christian will probably want vengeance. So, if a Christian wrongs a Jew, what should that Jew want? Revenge! The pain you show me I will give back to you and with luck, you’ll feel twice as much pain.
Portia: I think that you should wait a few days before you choose, think it over. If you choose the wrong casket, I’ll never see you again, so wait a while. Something tells me that you’ll choose right and that you don’t like it that I’m telling you to wait. But if you did wait (maybe I can’t put my thoughts into words) you could stay here for a couple months before you decide. I could just tell you what the right casket is, but I am forbidden to do that. So I won’t. You could leave, and then I might do something awful. Curse your eyes that have looked at me. A part of me is yours and the other part that should be mine; I will give that to you. Still, these impediments from my father prevent me from doing so. So you’ll have to prove you deserve it. If you lose me, blame fortune. I know I’ve spoken too long; that was just to delay you from your decision.
Bassanio: Portia, I’m about to show you the most unpleasant words ever written on paper. My dear, when I first proclaimed my love for you, I told you that my wealth lied in my veins: I was a gentleman. What I said about that was true, but evaluating myself now, you’ll see why I am nothing but a loud boaster. When I said that my fortune was nothing, I should have said that it was worse than nothing. I had promised something to a friend, and then I promised my friend to his enemy for my own gain. I have a letter which might as well be my friend’s body, with every word being a wound. Is it true Salerio? Did all of his ventures fail? None of them was successful? From Mexico, Tripolis, England, Lisbon, Barbary and India; you’re telling me they all sunk?

vinnie said...
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vinnie said...

Vinnie Venturella and Devon Mancini
Bro. Peach
Brit. Lit
Shylock: And what not- if it would not feed anything else. it will feed my revenge; he has disgraced me, and taken half a million, made fun of my losses, mocked at my gains, offended my nation, messed up my bargains, ignored my friends, made my enemies angry- and what's his reasoning? I am a Jew. Doesn't a Jew have eyes? Does a Jew not have hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passion? eat the same food, fight with the same weapons, have the same diseases, have the same remedies, have the same seasons as a Christian? - if we are cut do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? if we are poisioned do we not die? if you show us disrespect do we not seek revenge?- if we are like you in all those ways, do we resemble you. If a Jew wrons a Christian, what is his reaction? revenge! If a Christian wrongs a Jew wat does he do? seek revenge! The wrongs you teach me i will execute, but i shall do it harder and better then the instruction.
Solanio: Here comes another of them,- with more people then us until the devil himself turns a Jew.
3.i. 1-24
Portia: I hope you wait, pause a day or two before you choose the wrong casket. And I lose your company; therefore chill a while. There's something that tells me (but it is not love). I would not lose you, and you know you hate counsels in such a way. But at least you should not understand me well. (My words perfectly reflect my thoughts). I would keep you here for a month or two before you search for me. I could teach you how to choose right, but then I am perjure myself. So I will never be. So you may miss me. But if you do, you'll make me want to sin, that I had been forsworn. Look through your eyes, they have overlooked me and divided me. One half of me is yours, the other half of you is me, I would say - but if it is mine, then it's yours. And thus all yours. O, these bad times but bars between the owners and their rights! And so though do you, prove it, let fortune go to hell, not I. I talked too long, but this to pass the time, to get a picture of it, and to spell it out in time, to stay from your selection.

J.H.Farina said...

J. Harry Farina & Mike Kretz
Bro. Peach
Brit. Lit.
December 18,2008
Act III translation


Shylock: It can be used for fish bait. If it won’t feed anything else, it will feed my revenge. He disgraced me, cost me a half a million ducats, laughed at me, mocked my earnings, made fun of my country, turned my friends against me, and angered my enemies- and why?. It is because I am a Jew. Doesn’t a Jew have eyes, hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, and passions? Doesn’t a Jew get fed the same food, get hurt with the same weapons, get sick with the same diseases, get healed the same way, get cold in the winter, and get warm in the summer the same way a Christian does? Do we not bleed if you prick us? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? If you treat us wrong, will we not take revenge? If we are like you in everything else, we will resemble you. If a Jew harms a Christian, what will he do? Revenge. If a Jew harms a Christian, what punishment will he come up with that follows Christianity? Revenge again. I will do the bad things you taught me, and I may even do them better.


Portia: Please wait a day or two before you choose. If you choose wrong, I will lose you. So wait awhile. There is something other than love that tells me I will not lose you and you know I don’t hate you. But in case you don’t understand me, and women are not supposed to talk about their thoughts, I would like you to stay here a month or two before you do the test. I can teach you how to choose right, but I swore I would not do that. So I can not tell you. I f you choose wrongly you would miss having me. But if you do choose the wrong one, you will be making me want to sin against my fathers wishes. Your eyes look at me and split me in two. One half of me is for you, and the other half, my half, is also yours. O, these times are so hard, they put restrictions on owners and their rights! Even though I am yours I am not yours. If I am not to be in your future then that future can go to hell, not me. I am talking to much, but to hold on to the time, to lengthen my time with you and put off your test.


Portia: Off with you, I am in side one of them. If you do love me, you will find out which one. Nerissa and the rest leave him be. Let the music play while he makes his decision. If he looses let the music fade away like a swan. My eyes will be the stream providing the water deathbed. But what if he wins, what music will we play then? Then music will sound as if he is a new-crowned monarch. Those are the sounds he hears early in the day, and summon him to get married. Now he goes, with more love than young Alcides when he saved the virgin from a sea-monster. I stand for sacrifice; apart from the Trojan wives, with tear-streaked faces, come here to see the result. Go, Hercules! You live, I live. It hurts me more to watch you fight, than you who fight.

A song plays while Bassanio looks at the boxes.

Tell me where is desire bred, In the heart or in the head? Reply, reply. It is begins in the eye, with staring, and desires die in the cradle where it lies. Let us all ring or desires bell. I’ll begin. Ding, dong, bell. Ding, dong, bell.

Adam Butler said...

Adam Butler
Bro. Peach
Brit Lit


I will use it for bait. If nobody bites, it will feed my revenge. He has embarassed me, he laughed at my loses, mocked my achievements, turned my own friends aganist me. I am a Jew. Doesn't a Jew have eyes, hands, organs, senses, affections, and passions ? Doesnt a Jew eat equal food, get hurt by equal weapons, suceptable to the same illnesses? If you prick us, dont we bleed ? If you tickle us, dont we laugh ? If you poison us, dont we die ? And if you trick us, dont we want revenge ? If a Jew tricks a Christian doesnt he want revenge ? I will treat you just as the Christians have teached me .

III. ii. 42-74

Go awya then, I am locked in one of them. If you love me you will find me, Have music playing as he is making his decision. If he loses it will be tragic. If he shall win then music shoudl be marvelous sounding. He looks like Hercules when he rescued a virgin. Their is an issue to be solved- Go Hercules! If i live, you shall also.
In the heart or in the head ?
How are tehy fed ?
It is in the eyes.
A very young baby lies.
i will initiate it-Ding Dong,bell.

III. ii 261-282

Oh adorable Portia,these are horrilbe words that have ever been put onto paper. When i first told you i loved you, i told you how much money i had. And i told you the truth. I was nothing, but should have said worse about myself. I have committed to a friend. To feed my own needs. This letter is equivalent to a wound bleeding. Have all of SAlerios adventures failed? Not one successful? From Tripolis From Mexico, England, From Lisbon, From Barbary and India.
And not one ship successful ?

Dman said...

Devon Mancini & Vinnie V.
Bro Peach
Brit Lit/ eng 141

Lines 42-74
Portia: Leave me alone, I am locked onto one of them, and if you love me, you shall find out which one it is. Nerissa and the rest leave me alone. Let the music play as he makes his choice and if he chooses wrongly he will sing like a dying swan. But if he wins, what shall we play? The music will be as triumphant as when a new monarch is crowned. It will be the music that a groom hears on the wedding day when he is summoned to be married. He will go with less dignity but much more love than Hercules when he sacrificed the virgin to the Sea-monster. I stand for sacrifice, aside from the Trojan wives, with tear-streaked faces, who come forth to see the result. Go Hercules, if you live, i live. For i see the fight with much more dismay than those who you fight.

Beast said...

James McDonough
Sam Miclot
Brother Peach
British Literature
December 18, 2008

Act III Scene i Lines 52-72

Then I’ll use his flesh for fish bait. If it won’t do anything else, it’ll satisfy my revenge. He’s disgraced me and cost me half a million ducats, laughed at my losses, made fun of my accomplishments, disrespected my heritage, screwed up my deals, used my friends against me, encouraged my enemies against me-for what purpose? I’m a Jew. Jews have eyes. They have hands, organs, human figure, senses, feelings, passions. We eat the same food, die by the same weapons, get the same sicknesses, get better with the same medicine, and affected by the very same seasons that a Christian is. Puncture us, we bleed. Tickle us, we laugh. Poison us, we die. Disrespect us, we seek revenge. If you share our same characteristics, we’ll resemble each other. Guess what happens when a Jew does something to a Christian? The kind and gentle Christian seeks revenge. But if a Christian does something to a Jew, what should happen to the Christian by their own example? I say revenge. The sinister treatment that you inflict upon me I will return. And if you’re lucky, mine won’t be as savage as yours.

Excuse me, but my master Antonio is home and requests your audience.

Act III Scene ii 1-24

Bassanio, just please wait a day or two before you make any decision. Because if you choose wrong, I won’t be able to see you like this again. So just wait little longer. Something is telling me-not love-that I don’t want to lose you. Hate would never allow me to feel this way, so I obviously don’t hate you. But if you still don’t understand me, and I do know that women don’t usually speak their minds, I would still stay with you for a month or two before you have to take the test of chests. I can always just tell you which to choose, but it would be directly disobedient to my father’s wishes. That I can never do. So you might choose poorly and not receive me as your prize. And if this happens, you will have effectively made me yearn for something I am forbidden from. Damn your eyes, which may have placed me in such a situation where my feelings are so torn. For on the one side of myself, I belong to you. And on the other, which are my true feelings, I also belong to you. But in the day we live in, a person is caged; confined to the restrictions of the owner. So while you have me, you don’t. So prove I am. My luck be damned, not my person. I probably bore you with this speech of mine, but it is probably my last that I will make to you, and because of that I want to talk to you longer, so that your test be delayed.

Act III Scene ii 42-74

Do it, then. I, myself, am locked within one. If what you say is true, that you love me, you will discover me. –Nerissa and everyone else, get away from him. Have some music play while he makes his choice. That way, if he loses, he’ll make a peaceful and graceful end, as if he were a resemblance of a swan. And because he is a swan, he can use every tear from my eye as a stream and a place to die where he will feel at home. But if he wins, what music would prove suitable? I believe it would be, should be the type of music that is played to provoke subjects of a new ruler to bow. Or maybe it would be the soft, soothing music that would accompany the daybreak of a man who is called to marriage by this very melody.
And now as he strides towards the test, he appears as Hercules once did when he saved princess Hesione from the monster of the sea at Troy. I’m not afraid of sacrifice. While everyone else takes no part, I will play Hesione. Go, Hercules! If you live, as will I. So I watch in distress as you fight your metaphorical battle of a thousand battles.

Tell me where love is born
In the heart or in the head
How are they created, how are they cared for?

Respond, respond

Love is in the eyes,
Cared by a stare, and it dies
At its own start
And as we mourn
I’ll lead. –Ding, dong, bell.

iownyou01 said...

Shane Yuhas
Bro Peach
Brit. Lit

Act 3 Scene 1 lines 52-72

Doesn't a jew eat the same food? Get hurt by the same weapon? Doesn't a jew put his pants on one leg at a time just like a christian man would? Are we all not human? Why should a man just bacause he is a jew be treated any differently, just because of what one believes in. If someone crosses you what is your first reaction? Yes!! Get even with that person in terms of revenge! We all will no matter whether you are a jew, christian, muslim, etc.
What goes around comes around no matter who you are.
Antonio wants to speak to both of you, he is at his house waiting.
We have been searching all over the place for him.
Here comes another one of them ( a jew)there are no others on the face of the earth like these two unless Satan were to turn into a jew.
Hey Tubal? Any word from Genoa? Did they find my daughter?
I'm sorry i searched all over where i heard things, but i could not find her anywhere.
Hey, hey , hey i lost alotta money from one of the stolen diamonds. I never thought i would feel the curse of the jews!

Act 3 Scene 2 lines 1-24

(to Bassanio) Please take a day or two to sleep on it. I don't want you to make the wrong choice because i'll lose you. Something tells me and its not love, but its something big telling me that i am not supposed to lose you, and you know if i had any dislike towards you i would not be thinking this. I know im a girl and we are not supposed to express our thoughts, but i would greatly appreciate it if you can stay for a little while. I could very easily tell you how to choose right but i would be ignoring my promise i made. So i must never tell. But, if you make the wrong choice you may lose me. Here is a warning now do not choose wrong cause then i will be forced to wish for something very, very bad. I will wish that i ignored my promise and tell you everything on how to make that correct choice. God, your eyes have divided me in two, one half being yours, and the other half being mine, i give to you. What is mine is yours. So therefore i am yours, i am your child. I know i am talking alot but i am only doing so to put a little delay on your test only because i am afraid.
How about i choose now! You are making me feel guilty by you telling me all this.

Act 3 Scene 2 lines 262-282

Oh Portia, these are some of the harshest words ever to be written on paper. Baby, when i gave my love to you, i told you all the wealth i have runs in the family and its all one big blood line. My dear, when i said to you that i was worth nothing, i was actually being very generous. I should have told you that i was worth that of dirt. I borrowed money from a close friend who had to borrow money from his enemy to help me out. Here is a letter my darling, the paper represents my friend's body. Is it true? Have all his business adventures failed? There were so many im sure one has to be a success. He had ships to numerous places including: Tripolis, Mexico, England, Lisbon, North Africa, and India. You are telling me none of these ships made it through the rocks??
I am telling you my lord, not one of these ships was a success. I do not think the jew would take the money, even if he had it now. He is always at the Duke's all day, everyday. I have never seen anybody try to eliminate somebody so badly. Twenty merchants, the Duke, and the highest ranked nobles have all tried talking him into terminating his contract, they had little success. He is dtermined to receive the penalty that is stated in the contract with Antonio.

zach said...

Zach Carlino
Brit. Lot.
III. i. 52-72
Shylock- Use bait to catch fish
It will help my revenge. He disgraced me
kept me from making a half million, then laughed at me
Marked me, insulted my nation, thwarted
My bargains, took my friends, angered enemies
What was his reason? I'm a Jew
I have Jew eyes, hands, organs, dimesions,
Senses, affections, passions? Eat the same
Food, same weapons hurt me, catch
The same diseases, healed the same way,
Summer and winter warms and cools us
If we are cut we bleed
If we are tickled we laugh
If we are poisoned we die
If we are betrayed we seek revenge
We are just like you
We resemble you in every way
If a Jew betrays a Christian
What is the punishment
If a Christian betrays a Jew
What should his punishment be
Why should it be revenge? What you teach
Me, I will preform
With any luck I will do better then my teacher

III. ii. 1-24
Portia-I ask you to, take a break
Before you choose a chest, because you can choose wrong
I will lose your company, then take a while
There is something talking to me (not love)
I do not want to lose you
I hate councils in manner
But you do not understand me
Perhaps I cannot put my thoughts into words
I will hold you here for a month or two
Before you can look for me. I can teach you
How to choose right from wrong. But then I perjure myself
I will never be that. So you will miss me
If you do that I will wish a sin
I had been warned. Hid your eyes
They have overlooked me and thrown me away
Half of me is you, other half is me
I see naughty times
Pit things between people's rights
And what you think is yours is not yours
Fortune will go to hell for it
I speak to eaze time
To draw it out
To keep you from being chosen

Portia- I'm locked in one
You love me you will find me
Nerissa and everyone stand alone
Let there be music when he chooses
Then if he loses let him sing
Fade away into music. The comparison
Shall stand proper, and my eye will be a stream
And a deathbed for him.He will win,
What is the music? It is
Everything sounds as people bow
To the new monarch. That is how it is
Those sounds at the sunrise
They come in to people's rooms
And bring Bassiano to marriage
Without dignity, but with love
Then when people redeem themselves
The virgin will be sacraficed
To the sea monster. I wait
Everyone else with the Trojan wives
With people crying at the view
The result. Go Hercules!
If your alive I'm alive. With more dismay
I view the fight as you in the fight
Bassiano comments on a song
The caskets with him
Where is the bread i want
In the heart or in the head?
How skinny or well nourished
Answer, answer
It is exsting in the eye
With people living and dying
The cradle is where it is
Let's ring the bell of death
I'll start
All-Ding, dong, bell